Thursday, November 4, 2010

What a surprise!

I must be getting old because I had no clue what my family had up their sleeves... After spending a fabulous day at Glen Ivy with my mom and Sharon I was starving.. I was looking forward to my favorite appetizer MUSSELS! Well little did I know I would not be eating seafood.. Instead I walked into my surprise birthday party!

I could not believe it.. My dearest friends and family were there.

My aunt Hilda and uncle Alfredo trekked up..

All the Dans..The Liegghios, Piras and Hogans! We are setting records this year for seeing each other.. I love that we are all in the same state..

My cousins..Luis, Monica and Mona.. Permanent figures in my life..

The Bell Family made it too!

Really it was more than I could even take in. My mom cooked my favorites- Mole and Chiles Rellenos.. She also managed to get this FABULOUS cake.. Just like the chinatown cakes of my childhood.. This was an amazing light sponge cake filled with fresh strawberries and decorated with slivered almonds...I was amazed, surprised and so happy to be with so many of the people who make my life what it is..

Thanks Mom, Arthur and Martin.. Oh yes, and the little decoy Maya..

I felt loved and oh so grateful...

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