Thursday, November 4, 2010

A magical 7...

Missy is 7..

I can't even believe it.. How could the years fly by so fast? Somehow they did..
On the actual day we pulled her out of school early and headed to Disneyland.. We even got to meet up with uncle Arthur for dinner.. But when it came time to celebrate this year she wanted the whole kit and caboodle.. She wanted a costume party, all her friends and all the trimmings...
No matter how much prep I did, I still needed more time and more hands.. Thankfully between my hubby, Diana, Andre and the late night hours it all got done...
We ordered a jumper, I started cooking on Friday night, Thursday night I baked her cheesecake, then I made a regular vanilla cake, cupcakes, and dairy free cake.. We melted caramel and chocolate for pretzel rods, we stuffed goody bags..We were ready.. Then the rain came.. Saturday morning at 7am it was sprinkling and by 8 it was pouring.. The soccer game was cancelled. I said my little prayer, please let the sun come out or at least let the rain stop..

Ask and you shall receive by noon the sun was peeking out!

The kids all came in their adorable costumes and the party began...

There was the Pinata which always mean scary fun..

There was the decorate your own goodie bag craft...

The party was topped off with some amazing gifts.. Maya was in crafty heaven.. She even got a real sewing machine from her favorite family..the Bells.. But it was the amazing quilt that took the cake.. Noi Noi made Maya a personalized quilt (and matching pillows!) just like her sister-friends Grace and Lily.. Maya has already told me that she can now be just like them when she spends the night at their house..

What a day! A magical day for sure..

Happy Birthday Missy!

Love you!

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  1. Aw I miss maya so so much & cannot believe that she's already 7! I keep telling my friends that I cannot believe that she's so big now! (I am sure they're annoyed by how much I talk about her) haha I have had he gift for weeks now & CANNOT wait till she sees it (: