Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Soccer memories...

Our last game was Saturday and the girls were on fire..
The season was a hit not because of how many games we won, but because of how much effort the girls put into the game..

Our girls all scored goals.. That is a big achievement at this age... Our girls played like a team..

Thanks to a great co-coach in Steve..our girls perfected swooping the ball and defending with their body.. Thanks Steve for helping me grow as a coach..
The hard part is that now we are done and we could be playing against our friends next season.. No worries since we are all good sports..See you on the field!
We made some great memories this season..
Each girl brought her own special gift to the team..

Katelyn was completely new to soccer and was full of energy and fearless despite her petite size.. A true red head! I feel priveledged to have been her first coach..

Maya was determined to make her way on the field.. She powered through the season with more enthusiasm and thicker skin than past seasons.. Its so great to see a player grow..(especially when she's my own)
Alexandra is a natural.. She knows what to do with the ball and no player I have ever coached is as determined to play, score and win as Alexandra.. She is a sight to watch and has an amazing heart..
Rylee is our silent star.. She is a sweet and shy little girl but very determined on the field.. Once the game started her game face was on and she was all business.

Taylor was worried about the ball when the season started but once she figured out she was stroner than the ball, it was game on! Jessica has great energy and a strong leg.. Thankfully that leg was on our team.. She kicked her way to some awesome goals..

To all my girls, THANK YOU for an AWESOME season..
You rock Sock-er Monkeys!
Coach Alex

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