Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love is...

a home cooked meal!
Instead of the boring dinner out for Valentine's day, Martin and I opted to spend our money on seafood.. My hubby is known for his love of seafood.. As a matter of fact, I think he may still be banned from the Bally's crableg buffet..

Anyhow.. we saw a Paella throw down on Food Network and decided we had to give that recipe a shot.. Well sort of.. Like most of my cooking I have to modify it for his palate..He doesn't ike chunks of tomatoes, lemon aioli, and some other random ingredients..

We gathered all the neccessary ingredients and I read at least 15 different versions of paella recipes.. We had so much fresh seafood that we decided we needed some seafood stew too..

You'd think we were hosting a dinner for 30 people instead of just us and mom.. Well The seafood stew is in a stock pot that is usually used for tamales and I ended up with not one but 3 casserole dishes worth of paella..

The results were amazing..
We didnt eat until almost 8pm, so we were starving and salivating for at least the last 2 hrs..

The wait was woeth is. As a matter of fact, here is Martin as I asked him how good the dinner was.. Yup that smile says it all.. GOOD!
Happy Valentine's Honey!
Love ya!


  1. Whoa! Looks like we definitely missed out on some good food. Hope you guys had a great weekend.

  2. wow!!! that looks good!!!! can't wait to learn how to cook that one.. :)

  3. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! That looks so tasty!