Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summertime in SLO...

I realize this entry almost two months late.. Where the past months have gone I just can't tell..The summer flew by and I am still trying to adjust to the whole routine..I can taste fall and am excited for the cooler days..

However, over the summer we decided to trek up to Avila beach/San Luis Obispo for a week with our interchangeables, the Bell family.. Their van fits both our tribes and with all the bells and whistles that car has the girls and their parental units were set for the trek..
Martin and Carl were in charge of keeping us moms away from the girls..and the looking at the scenary of course..

We discovered a hidden gem of a beach and an amazing little town in SLO.. We are still trying to figure out what job we could all create so that we could move to SLO.. So far no luck.. We hope someday we will be within walking distance of Cowboy Cookie and all those great little shops.. Hmm... maybe we can convince all 3 girls to attend the local college..

We booked a KOA cabin which suited us fine except for the mickey mouse that decided to keep Deanna and Carl up one night.. Thankfully Martin and his mouse trapping skills did not fail us..

The girls were in heaven in their loft, the pool and even the ice cold water at the beach..
This is our new favorite summer beach spot..
Martin enjoyed his first ever bowl of Pho.. We visited the gaudy Madonna Inn.. The girls loved the pinkness of it all.. we enjoyed the real danish breads and the sights..

I could go on and on about some of the neat places and food..
Can't wait until our next visit..

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