Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Last week Maya gave practice her all.. Unfortunately, it meant she took some bumps and met the grass too often.. Most plays she bounced back.. a few she wimpered but was able to keep going.. Thursday towards the end of practice Martin and Steve set up Alexandra against Maya...

It happened in a split second.. Next thing I know I hear the cry.. the one that rattles your bones and tugs at your heart.. After 3 years of playing soccer I have tried to grow some tough skin.. We always remind Missy to shake it off.. But in that split second the little voice crying in my ear was in pain.. I tried to sooth.. I looked for wounds.. Nothing was obvious.. My mom issue xray vision was malfunctioning..

We headed home and still she insisted there was pain.. I borrowed a bandage, gave her some ibuprofen and reassured her that it would be fine in the morning.. I sent her to school sure that she just wanted the chance to show of a bandage to her classmates..

By midday her teacher sent me a note that in fact the pain was still bothering Maya... Oh No...bad mom award for me... time to call the pediatrician.. He insisted he check her before the weekend. Here we go to the doctors office..Two fast xrays would later reveal what Missy's pain was all about... A broken wrist... Ouch!

I could write an entire entry on Martins craziness.. He was so worried she would miss the season. He put so much time and effort into the girls how could his kid not play? He wanted to know everything.. how broken? how long would she need a cast.?. could she play with a cast?..

I won't bore you or enrage you with the nightmare/adventure it was to locate an pediatric orthopeadic doctor in Riverside county.. Needless to say we finally found an awesome one at Scripps in San Diego.. (Have you seen the price of gas..? over 100 mile round trip).. But what's a mom to do.. afterall I have a broken girl and a crazy soccer coaching husband..

The soccer gods were smiling (laughing) on Martin..But this smile was worth it...

Maya and her newest accessory.. color coordinated to match her uniform..

She insists she will be ready to play as soon as it is cut off...

Wish me luck that I can survive the season..


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  1. aw my poor baby!
    only she can rock a cast like that and have a huge smile on her face despite her injury. love her!