Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wrapping up the soccer season...

The season ran long this year due to the rain delays.. Unfortunately, our last game was also a cold and wet day.. The other team did not show but our girls did and they wanted to play!
Play they did.. After chatting up a younger team who was also determined to play at 8am on a rainy Saturday, our girls had a game.. We combined teams to even them out..
Maya scored 2 goals! She was estatic! Here she is running to Dad after a goal...
Our team party was filled with giggles and pizza..
The girls loved looking at pictures of themsleves and eachother on the field in their scrapbooks..... They were all very sad to know that the season was ending and they would have to wait until next year to see their friends again..
A big heartfelt "Thank you" to our coaches Steve and Martin.. The wore their pink jerseys with pride..
Coach Steve and Alexandra
Assist. Coach Martin and Maya..
The fun wasn't completely over as a small group headed to the local bowling alley for more fun.. The girls shared fries and played games in between their turns.. It was a very pink season and the Bubblegum Blasters rocked!
See you all next season on the field...

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